Online Depolarize Within Workshop, Aug. 10


Depolarizing Within Online Workshop

Free Online Skills Workshop for people living in Mount Horeb, western Dane County, eastern Iowa County, Green County and beyond!

Monday, August 10th, 7 pm - 9:30 pm

 Registration Required - Register Here

Sponsored by Mount Horeb Community Forums in Alliance with Braver Angels

Much of today's epidemic of toxic polarization is driven by how we talk with like-minded people about those on the other side. Too often we stereotype, dismiss, or ridicule our fellow citizens who support the other political party, its leaders, and its policies. Although political polarization in some form has always been around, it was less problematic when people interacted more outside their own silos. Nowadays, people on the other side have become not just strangers, but enemies. How we talk among ourselves about them fuels fires that threaten our democracy.

What if we learn the discipline of non-polarizing attitudes and words about the political "Other" with whom we do share a national past and future?

This moderated workshop will: 

- Help you become more aware of your inner polarizer
- Help you learn ways to depolarize yourself so that you can disagree without demonizing, dismissing, or stereotyping the millions of people who differ from you politically
- Teach you skills for how to intervene in social conversations with like-minded people when those conversations veer into contempt and ridicule for people who hold other political views

The 2020 election promises to be one of the most divisive and rancorous in United States history. This is your chance to learn skills that can help reduce the political heat amongst friends, family, coworkers, and in our community. The outcome of the election in November won't solve this problem. Only we can do that as individuals and communities across the great nation.


This free event is sponsored by Mount Horeb Community Forums in alliance with Braver Angels. Braver Angels is a national nonprofit with a mission to depolarize America. Its leadership is half "red" and half "blue." Launched in 2016, Braver Angels is a bipartisan citizen's movement to unify America. By bringing Red and Blue Americans together into a working alliance, Braver Angels is building new ways to talk to one another, participate together in public life, and influence the direction of the nation. Learn more at

Braver Angels was originally named Better Angels, inspired by the words of Abraham Lincoln, who not only called on Americans to summon the "better angels" of our nature - but called on us to find the courage needed to pursue a more perfect union, "with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right." The group was renamed Braver Angels in 2020 to meet the needs and urgency of the current moment.

The video below was made when the organization was called Better Angels.